Dr. Anthony Young

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, Hosea 4:6


privacy statement/terms and conditions

1. To promote Biblical counseling, family services (including  adults and children) which include but not limited to  around the world-via  internet, virtual and/or in person upon agreement of request.

2. The views of all family service, writings', media or any posted materials on this website may or may not be the express views of Temple of Praise Christian Fellowship. Temple Of Praise Christian fellowship, ALONG WITH THE EXECUTIVE BOARD of DIRECTOR’S renders a disclaimer regarding all and any counseling, text, media, or posted materials that may appear on this website regarding the views, accuracy or the opinions of the TEMPLE of Praise Christian Fellowship. All  spoken, public opinions and opinions, are to promote Biblical growth. 

3. Temple of Praise Christian Fellowship is not responsible for any loss of profits, wages, or monetary losses due to visiting this website or for using our services. All visitors are visiting this website at their own free will. Choices of services to be rendered is strictly up to the individual. If you do not agree with the contents of this website (https://temple77) please exit the website.

4.Temple of Praise Christian Fellowship treats each person with integrity and respect at all times.  We value your privacy and will at no time sell information that is posted on this website via email or text to any outside third party. 

5.  As we grow, we will update and expand our purpose and privacy statement.